Learn from the best in the business. 
But until they're available you can also hang out with me, Josh.


Let's learn

I was never good at school, ever. 

I'd always much rather be hands on learning, actually making something with my hands or learning while I do it. 
So that's exactly how we run all of our education here as well at JHM. 

Whether you're attending an in person workshop, watching one of our online courses or simply looking at an Instagram reel, everything I try to push out into the ethos has actual tangible value that you can impliment right away.

What's up teach?

Tog Talk

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Whether you're a seasoned pro or a complete beginner there is always something to learn at one of our in person workshops.

From small engagement shoot run throughs up to our larger multi day events you'll hear from an aray of professionals from all different walks of life.

Current Workshops:

July 28th 2024
Location: Sydney

december 9, 10, 11 2024
Location: Adelaide

Join us as myself, Mike Jeffries and Anonio take 15 people and 5 couples on a photo walk of Sydney. 
What you'll learn: How to pose, prompt and position REAL couples during a live engagement shoot. 

Join myself and a plethora of other talented wedding photographers from around the world as we dive into the nitty gritty of posing, light, portfolios and business.
What you'll do: 2 days of classes both physically shooting and also lectures about everything from lighting techniques to proper business sysems. 
Learn how to utalise the benefits of AI and so much more. 

More details released soon.


Can't attend a workshop in person? 
My online courses are as good if not better than a workshop because you can watch it again and again! 

No fluff, just educational content that you can actually impliment into your business while you learn it.

Current Courses:

In this course we walk you through step by step how to start your first targeted ad campaign. 
Learn how to target engaged couples in your local are OR in the area you want to be working in. 
Create an ad step-by-step with me and have your first campign live by the end of the training

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